Environmental Restoration Construction Management

Arsenault has experience managing restoration projects so that contractors follow restoration designs and meet mandates of environmental management plans. Environmental management plans are created as part of permitting processes. Best management practices are in circulation for many development types including stream crossing installation, water line installation, shoreline erosion control, etc.

Green Shores™ Habitat Restoration

Shoreline and stream channel restoration is a strong area of expertise for Arsenault Environmental Consulting Ltd. Project experience ranges from stream diversion design, restoring streams to naturalized alignments, to lakeshore bioengineering integrating Green Shores for Coastal Development concepts. Coastal developments and private homes can apply for Green credits through a standardized rating system developed by The BC Stewardship Centre.

Environmental Construction Monitoring

Arsenault has had experience providing environmental construction monitoring since 1996. This depth of experience on construction projects results in in an in depth understanding of construction and engineering challenges with planning and logistics inherent to many construction projects. This experience, and knowledge of the various provincial and federal regulations combined with a positive regulatory relationship, provides an efficient and effective system for Environmental Monitoring and Management. Our environmental monitoring services include: Fish Passage Restoration, Stream Crossing Installations and Improvements, Water Intakes, Pile Driving, Work in and About a Stream, Bridge Construction, Erosion and Sediment Control, Bioengineering, and Fish Rescue.

Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Arsenault has 26-years of experience in fisheries and aquatic sciences, with a very strong understanding of aquatic ecosystem communities (i.e.,fish, invertebrates, and limnology). We have worked on aquatic ecosystems in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the NWT. Specific aquatic expertise includes Benthic Invertebrates Sampling and Population Analysis, Fish and fish habitat inventories, Fish Stock Assessment, Fish Passage Assessments, River, Stream and Wetland Restoration Design and permitting, Bathymetric Surveys, Water Quality Sampling and Monitoring, Fish and Mussel Salvage, Fish and Aquatic Habitat Compensation Planning and Monitoring, Oil-Spill Monitoring and Ecological Restoration Monitoring, and Riparian Area Regulation (RAR) Assessments. In the Okanagan region, qualified professional (QP or QEP) checklists are required for works proposed in or near Okanagan Large Lakes as part of the Okanagan Large Lakes Foreshore Protocol.

Environmental Effects Monitoring

Arsenault has extensive experience designing and implementing studies to predict and monitor environmental effects of resource use on sensitive natural environments. Our experience ranges from the monitoring of effects of water level changes to assessing and quantifying the effects of development in our aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Arsenault has designed and implemented oil spill effects assessments as well as marina expansion and dredging effects assessments with long-term monitoring programs.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Specializing in aquatic effects assessments to the standards expected by Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Province of British Columbia. Arsenault assesses potential impacts of developments projects from private docks, to large-scale marinas, to land development, or even oil spills in rivers.