About Us

Arsenault Environmental Consulting Ltd. started in September 2017. The company consists of Darryl Arsenault as the lead biologist with assistance from qualified technicians and sub-consultants as required. To date, the company has focused on flood recovery projects in the Okanagan region. Many streams flooded their banks and resulted in erosion and avulsion, often creating new channels. The main focus has been on naturalizing the flood plains to provide increased flood capacity and resilience to major events. Dock repair and replacement in red and black zones often requires the involvement of a qualified professional experienced in Kokanee spawning habitat requirements, as well as potential for the presence of rare species (e.g., Rocky Mountain Ridged Mussels). The company will also focus on Green Shores™ applications, an area of practice that Darryl has been working in since 2001. These techniques apply to lake shorelines and creeks, where flood capacity increase is desired.

Mr. Arsenault has been consulting since 1992, starting out with the premier consulting team conducting environmental impact statements in the mining industry in Saskatchewan. After six years working in that area, he moved to the Okanagan Valley and worked with two consulting groups on linear development projects, land development projects, mining projects, forestry projects, research projects, and local municipality planning projects.