Arsenault Environmental Consulting Ltd. provides biological assessment and options analysis of development plans that are located in or next to environmentally sensitive areas such as lakes, streams, wetlands or rare ecosystems. Arsenault provides guidance for sustainable designs that optimize efficiency while taking into consideration long-term viability of environmentally sensitive areas that make Canada so unique.

Utilizing twenty-six-years of industry experience, professional accreditation and Post Graduate education, we strive to see that client’s projects maximize value-added performance by finding a balance between development and environmental protection.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to our clients and to our reputation – working with other people who care about the future and to making the world a better place.

What We Do

Featured Project:
Naramata Bench Shoreline Restoration

Extreme lake Extreme lake flood levels during spring 2017 resulted in erosion of over-steep slopes fronting a redevelopment of a residence in North Naramata. Impacts to the riparian area were mitigated by removing fill to a stable grade and adding logs to create terraces. The terraces were also stabilized with rocks and grass seed. Native shrubs and trees will be installed during spring 2019.

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Naramata Bench Shoreline Restoration